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The entreprenuer's life called at the end of 2000. A baby on the way, an eclectic career covering the management of nightclubs and band venues, ski and 5 star international resorts and finally the arts, it was time to let the creative brain take hold. Experimenting, experiencing, learning, and potential are the three things Jacinta continues to embrace

Confidence Catalyst


In 2024, Jacinta was approached to speak at event in the health & wellness space. Drawing on her niche experience both as a fashion week director and in business, Jacinta designed a set of unique packages ranging from 30 minutes to full day workshops that are welcomed by big and small business, women's organisations and youth groups. A combination of hypnosis and physical activities to build confidence in the individual while having fun.

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Madame Menopause


In 2022, Jacinta became a Master Hypnotherapist with a goal to focus on Past Life Regression. However... she found women coming to her for weight loss hypnosis and all of them on their menopause journey. Turns out what they really wanted was to feel good about their bodies at this time of life. Madame Menopause is a downloadable 5 week hypnosis programme that is a journey in itself, resulting in positive body appreciation and image.

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Wisdom & Wellness Expo


The Wisdom & Wellness Expo was launched in 2024 & provides a platform to showcase wisdom & wellness businesses and facilitators to the Bundaberg region. The goal is to present a one day informative & supportive event where attendee’s can expand on the their spiritual growth while exploring, learning & enhancing their physical, emotional & mental wellness. 

(Under new ownership 2025)

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Australian Fashion Manufacturing


After a trip to Uluru early in 2021, Jacinta came home with the idea to start a manufacturing hub in Queensland, Australia. Offering high quality craftsmanship and outstanding workmanship, tailored to perfection for small and large production runs. Training firtst nations people was the core desire of the project. Made in Australia for Australian fashion brands. 

(Closed 2023)

Sunshine Coast International Fashion Festival

Founder & Director

Following directly on and as a result of the Sunshine Coast Style Awards, the Sunshine Coast Fashion Festival (later to become the Sunshine Coast International Fashion Festival) was born. A one off event that took on a life of it's own, spanning 11 years, and giving birth to Frocks in the Vines (industry educational event), Off the Rack (designers market), Another Woman's Closet (the Sunshine Coast's first preloved clothing market), Designers on Tour (designers touring manufacturing facilities in Bali).

(Closed 2019)

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Sunshine Coast

Style Awards


In 2008, the Sunshine Coast Style Awards were born. The search for the most stylish resident on the Sunshine Coast, Jacinta enlisted "style stalkers" who would secretly spy on nominated individuals and confidentially vote. The style stalkers changed every year and they never knew who each other were. The stalking and results would culminate in an annual awards event where the winner was announced.

(Closed 2019) 

Coconut Luggage

Designer & Manufacturer

In 2003, Jacinta couldn't find any tropical print luggage for her 2 years old her daughter, Leilani (Hawaiian for Heavenly Flower) to take to Fiji for a family wedding.

Taking matters inb=to her own hands, Coconut Luggage was launched in 2004.

(Closed 2009)



Designer & Artisan

In 1999, Jacinta searched high and low for a crochet bikini. Not finsing one, she undertook a weekend crochet course and sourced vintage crochet patterns. Adjusting the patterns to suit a slightly more modern twist, Melon was born.

After the birth of her daughter in 2001, Melon morphed into children's clothing - hand painted t-shirts and singlets, and tropical printover sized teddy bears.

(Closed 2004)

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