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Jacinta Richmond

Senior Fashion Consultant

As a fashion consultant, Jacinta Richmond has worked with
countless fashion brands and designers. Jacinta takes pride
in harnessing potential in others, and is driven to deliver
genuine results and help people achieve their goals —only faster, under her watchful eye.


Behind the smile lies a focussed fashion industry hotshot

Decades of Fashion Industry Experience

With her blend of top-level industry experience, strategic knowledge and creative flair,
Jacinta is the fashion leader you’ve been searching for.


Years of Fashion Experience


Speaking Events Completed


Years as Founder/Director of Sunshine Coast International Fashion Festival


Fashion Brands as Clients and Collaborators

“Inspiration is an empty thought without action. And I’m here to help you take that action.”

          Jacinta Richmond                                         

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With 35 years working in fashion, events, mentoring, tourism and hospitality—and 20 years’ writing experience as a fashion columnist—Jacinta is an expert in all things style and lifestyle.

As well as being a fashion mentor, stylist and consultant, she’s also an experienced  events speaker. With her diverse expertise  and business acumen,  she can share her story to inspire, championing real action with her sometimes-brutal, often-hilarious  honesty. In fact, she’s spoken at:

  • Melbourne Retail Festival

  • Sydney Retail Festival

  • Sunshine Coast International Fashion Festival

  • QUT

  • Sunshine Coast University

  • East Coast Tafe

  • Frocks in the Vines

  • Sunshine Coast Business Women’s Network

  • Mind Your Fashion

  • Various secondary colleges

  • Sunshine Coast Creative Alliance – which took the audience from laughs, to tears and back again, resulting in a standing ovation, all in six minutes.


As a fashion consultant, and  the creative director and founder of the Sunshine Coast International Fashion Festival, Jacinta has worked with fashion brands all around the globe, including Ali CharismaMyerThang de Hoo and Nicola Finetti.

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Industry Speaker

Memorable, hilarious and no-nonsense all at once, Jacinta is an in-demand speaker at leading fashion events. In her delightfully blunt, yet powerfully positive manner, Jacinta delivers stirring motivational speeches, lectures and workshops for a wide range of fashion events.

Jacinta Richmond is an experienced keynote speaker with inspiring insights about the fashion, events, tourism, writing and hospitality industries. With her impressive breadth of knowledge and experience—and her stellar reputation—she’ll be a major drawcard at any event.

Jacinta’s inspiringly honest, witty and relatable storytelling is jam-packed full of valuable insights and lessons that will have your guests raving for years to come.

What Jacinta can speak about:

Jacinta can speak on a wide range of topics, including:

  • No excuses: only relentless. How my personal roller coaster taught me to stop the bitching & moaning and just get on with it.

  • Trade events: how fashion brands can leverage opportunities, PR & event buzz to get the most ROI out of trade show investment.

  • Dress codes: getting it wrong at an event can negatively impact your career not to mention your social standing

Give your event a speaker who will enthrall audiences, bring genuine value, and deliver a seamless presentation. Jacinta offers a variety of speaker’s packages.

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jcr sunshine coast business women's network keyote speaker 2017.jpg

Fashion Event Consultant

A flawless event needs meticulous preparation, strategic delivery and creative know-how. With decades of experience as a fashion director and stylist, Jacinta offers a meticulous eye for detail, and an extremely high standard of delivery to exceed your expectations and impress your guests.

With over 30 years of industry experience, fashion events coordinator Jacinta Richmond can help you create an unforgettable experience for your guests.

Well-versed in fashion, tourism, hospitality, and events, Jacinta’s diverse expertise will be a jewel in your event crown. A one-woman powerhouse, Jacinta can take charge, and lead your event into the notoriety it deserves. With a long list of happy past clients, and a proven track record, Jacinta can take charge. After running the Sunshine Coast International Fashion Festival  as creative director for over a decade, she has the know-how to make the important strategic decisions your event needs.

Save time and heartache on your next event by hiring events expert Jacinta Richmond.

Want to work with Jacinta?

This is a service Jacinta rarely agrees to today, so if you can get Jacinta to come on board, you won't be disappointed.

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As a creative director, Jacinta can whip your event into shape, and can:

  • work with you on the vision to achieve the best outcome within your parameters

  • manage casting, book models and liaise with modeling agencies

  • secure designers and labels

  • organise choreography, if required

  • work with your chosen music provider

  • produce a fashion/catwalk parade

  • supply press releases and images for event promotion

  • undertake related administration work

Fashion Mentor

“I trust my eye, and go the extra mile. I don’t listen to what others in the industry think. While they miss the details, and the potential of someone, my eye captures all.”

Creative flair and hard work aren't enough to get attention in the fickle world of fashion. Work with a fashion industry mentor who challenges you to truly show up and share your incredible talent. Let's fast track your arrival at the upper echelon of Australian and international fashion circles. Perfect for fashion designers, lifestyle brands, aspiring models. Jacinta works with a select few - what if it could be you? You won't know if you don't ask.

Jacinta is no longer accepting mentoree's.


"Passion and determination"

I first met Jacinta Richmond in 2010. I had read about her iconic fashion week while on a family holiday on the Sunshine Coast and contacted her to introduce myself in my capacity as an International fashion consultant/agent and board member of the World Fashion Organisation. I was very taken with her professionalism and passion, a strong relationship between us was born where I became a mentor to what was to become an International Fashion Week. Over the years I had the the honour and pleasure to attend many of Jacinta’s events and meet the amazing talent in the form of designers both national and international. It has been joyful and rewarding to see the steady organic growth each year all made possible by the passion and talent of Jacinta Richmond and her team.

Many young models and fashion designers commenced their careers on the back of their involvement and training under the leadership of Jacinta where they received their first break. Jacinta is also responsible for numerous Award shows each year and has organised many training events to build the commercial knowledge and viability of the brands in the national market with the view to international export in the future. I was happy to attend and participate at some of these world class seminars.

I believe the 10th anniversary of the Sunshine Coast International Fashion Festival is the perfect time to produce this wonderful book which I am sure will become a historical bible of the development of fashion designers over the last 10 years in Australia and beyond and will be of great interest to students, designers and the fashion industry as a whole throughout Australia.

I truly hope that all of you readers will enjoy and treasure the beautiful memories recorded in this 10th Anniversary Book and appreciate the passion and determination of Jacinta Richmond who conceived the idea of a local fashion week but grew it into an international event on par with any such event anywhere in the world. I have been wonderfully honoured to have been asked to write this foreward and to be a small part of Australian Fashion History.

Margaret Rushe-Farrell

Independent Fashion Agent, Board Member World Fashion Organisation

"Down to earth with no pretence"

I have had the privilege of working with Jacinta Richmond since 2015, (in her role as Director of the Sunshine Coast International Fashion Festival). Jacinta puts on a highly professional event, she is organised and very professional, running a tight ship. Always friendly and helpful, she has been of great benefit to me over the years with her eye for detail and supporting me in styling my models for the best looks on the catwalk, as well as achieving great print and television publicity for me. I can always reach out to her for a contact or with a question and she will always respond in quickly.

For someone in such a position within the industry and with the knowledge of the industry she clearly has, Jacinta is down to earth with no pretence.

I would be happy to work with her again.

Nicola Finetti

Designer - Nicola Finetti

"Enthusiasm and energy"

Jacinta Richmond brings an enthusiasm and energy to the boutique events stage, from public speaking, to celebrating local designers and the business community.

Assia Benmedjoub

Ragtrader Magazine

"Helps designers with marketing and branding"

I am really happy to say that I have known Jacinta Richmond for a long time as the fashion director of the Sunshine Coast International Fashion Festival. We have collaborated to support the program of the event. I am a fashion designer from Indonesia, and I am also the Chairman of Fashion Designer Association – Indonesian Fashion Chamber. The Sunshine Coast International Fashion Festival, under the direction of Jacinta, is a very good event that helps designers with their marketing and branding.

Ali Charisma

Chairman of the Indonesian Fashion Chamber

"My aspirations can be encouraged"

My name is Charlie Hall, I am 25 years old and work as an international model via Hunter Model Management, as well as being a university graduate two times over in the field of medical imaging in which I have just finished my postgraduate studies in Medical Ultrasound. My working career is characterised into two distinct areas – fashion modelling and medical sonography – the former to which this testament relates.

In 2016 I first met Jacinta Richmond, founder and director of the International Sunshine Coast Fashion Festival (SCFF), when attending my first fashion runway casting call. Normally, I was very apprehensive to be casting for such a big event as one of my first potential runway shows, and when it was my turn to walk down the runway in front of the casting directors (Jacinta, and Jo Shiels – from Hunter Model Management) I was delighted to be met with two very kind, professional faces who were interested to see me there for the first time. My feelings of apprehension quickly changed to feelings of encouragement and possibility as Jacinta said she was pleased to meet me amongst other words of encouragement she and Jo shared.

Following on from this I was ecstatic to be booked for the 2016 SCFF and had no idea of the experiences yet to come. I modelled for the SCFF for the following four years and was lucky enough to be the first male model ambassador for a fashion event anywhere in the world. This prestigious position usually coveted by females was for the first time in history offered to me by Jacinta, and the effects of such a role were long reaching. I have gone on to model on serial occasions for the Mercedes Benz International Fashion Week in Auckland, New Zealand, as well as shoot the front cover of various fashion magazines, of note, the cover of the Influencers Issue of Gladys Magazine in the USA, which was realised on my penultimate trip to Europe.

Working closely with Jacinta over the years that I modelled in her international event I learnt a great deal about the fashion world and was lucky to be able to foster significant relationships within the SCFF family and beyond. Jacinta provided an environment of encouragement, but never relinquished a commitment to the highest standard, be that in fashion, dealings with clients, or the comportment of the individuals involved in making the event a reality. In short, Jacinta was and is my greatest teacher of the fashion world. She generously offered me her time to share years’ worth of experience and insight into the workings of the fashion world.

The sum of these experiences and skills acquired throughout a career in fashion such as Jacinta’s cannot be found in a book or even gleaned from a short conversation with such an individual, however, I have been lucky enough to be welcomed by Jacinta to be her friend and confidante and to continually be afforded glimpses and proverbial pieces of gold from her rich experience knowledge base. Such moments spent together are instructive and inspiring. With Jacinta I feel like my aspirations can be encouraged and a logical diagram to achieve them can be drawn out and pursued. For this I am forever thankful to my main mentor and close friend who not only shares this professional côté with me but that of a nourishing friendship.

My next moves are to work a lot more as a model now that my postgraduate studies have been realised. I suspect my fashion career will take me interstate to Sydney and eventually to Europe and the USA when the world situation safely permits. I am hopeful and thankful that Jacinta and I will continue to support and learn from each other and will most likely be found backstage at Milan Fashion Week or having a spritz on a cobblestoned street after a big day and night of runway shows.

I hope readership has offered an insight into the profoundly positive impact Jacinta Richmond has had on me as a young male model aspiring to succeed on an international level.

Charlie Hall

International Model, Hunter Model Management

"[A] fashion powerhouse...there is no other"

Jacinta’s knowledge and passion for the fashion industry is shown through the amazing team she fosters and incredible events she curates. I met Jacinta in 2012 when I joined the Sunshine Coast Fashion Festival core team and over many years was able to grow and evolve with the team and event under Jacinta’s direction which became something truly special that all locals and fashionista’s got excited about attending every year. This was the vision of Jacinta’s that with her hard work, drive and passion she created and delivered every year above and beyond and I am so grateful to have been a part of the festival, originally as core team and then as a guest. Jacinta Richmond is the Sunshine Coast’s fashion powerhouse… there is no other.

Cheryl Slender

Executive Assistant to the Executive Vice President – Swissport Asia Pacific

"Made a huge impact on my career"

I am writing this testimonial for Jacinta Richmond with much gratitude. I first met Jacinta in 2012, where I started working on the hair team for Sunshine Coast Fashion Festival, this event was directed by Jacinta every year flawlessly, every detail was perfectly refined, Jacinta worked tirelessly for it to be bigger & better every year & it quickly became my most looked forward to event of the year! Thanks to Jacinta for giving me the opportunity to join the team every year following that, I have created many great industry connections including Jacinta as a professional mentor & friend. I was offered the position of Hair Team director personally by Jacinta for 2017 & 2018 which has been one of the most exciting achievements of my career so far.
Jacinta also gave me the opportunity to work as a lead stylist at the Wishlist Foundation Spring Carnival events & recently as the director of the hair & makeup team for the International Women’s Day fashion event at Rainbow Beach. None of this would have happened for me without the support & faith put in me by Jacinta. In 2019 I started to look into opening my first bricks & mortar salon, I asked Jacinta for advice & after a meeting with her she gave me the confidence to go for it. I don’t think I could have taken that leap without her encouragement. Jacinta has made a huge impact on my career and opportunities I’ve had to grow & succeed.

Elizabeth Martin

Creative Director, The Guillotine Hair Artistry

"Determined to succeed"

This is to confirm that I’ve known and worked with Jacinta Richmond in her capacity as the Creator, Director, Organiser and Marketing Guru of the Sunshine Coast Fashion Festival.

I was her liaison with the Economic Development Branch of Sunshine Coast Council and found her to be extremely proactive and a very effective problem solver. Many road blocks were placed in her path and she never failed to remain focused and determined to succeed.

The Festival she created and built became very well respected both within the fashion industry as well as within the general community.

I have no doubt that Jacinta will succeed at whatever she puts her mind to.

Geoff Peters

Formerly of Economic Development, Sunshine Coast Council

"Jack of all trades who has mastered them all"

I have known Jacinta Richmond on a business level since 2013, starting with the Sunshine Coast International Fashion Festival (SCFF).

During that time I have been exceedingly impressed with Jacinta’s abilities to run major fashion events seamlessly and with aplomb (not just the SCFF). As a model agent, every year, I was asked to put forward a series of models for casting and consideration to walk in the fashion shows.

I was ALWAYS comfortable sending my models to work with Jacinta on SCFF and any other projects associated with that. I always knew they were well taken care of, and given a great opportunity to get some experience on large fashion events. Particularly new models who were just finding their footing in the industry. They all loved working with Jacinta, and many of them would come back routinely every year to work the event, unless of course I had assigned them to another city/country.

Jacinta has an incredible ability to keep a handle on every single thing going on at any one time. She is extremely sharp minded, skilled at immediate problem solving, and deliver a polished, finished product from beginning to end.

During all of these events, I also noticed, that Jacinta had wonderful communication skills with her clients/designers. They always respected her and it was reflected even in simple conversations they may be having during the event, or simply as friendly interactions once the formalities were over and the atmosphere was more relaxed.

Once the shows were over, there was always a long line of people wanting to congratulate her on another very successful event. Each year trumping the previous.

Jacinta was never at a creative loss, to each year, come up with new ways to present/feature any of these events. From choosing the perfect venue each year, to building the entire event around it, also taking into consideration the designers involved each year. It was wonderful to be surprised to see how it would all unfold.

Jacinta’s marketing skills are also top knotch. From garnering some of the top Australian designers and stores, to the internationals who would travel to show their labels at the SCFF and showcasing new up and coming labels looking for a start.

It would be fair to say that Jacinta is a “Jack of all trades, who has mastered them all.” I have never seen a ball dropped on her watch.

I would feel 100 per cent confident in having Jacinta run ANY event she was hired for. She can handle anything thrown at her, and deliver. In summing up, Jacinta is the consumate, intelligent professional.

Jo Shiels

Director - Hunter Model Management

"Has played a role in the success of many designers"

Jacinta Richmond is a dynamic visionary, her love for fashion is undeniable, Jacinta has played a pivotal role in the success of many designers, models and fashion events. Jacinta has an unstoppable drive and an unrelenting passion for the industry. She has much to offer the fashion world in terms of leadership, mentoring, scouting talent, event planning and so much more.

Judy Copley

Judy Copley Couture

"Boundless energy and unwavering commitment"

Jacinta is a wonderfully creative person, enthusiastic to get the job done. She has boundless energy and an unwavering commitment to see things through. She has a talent for attracting others around her and empowering them to learn and to grow. Jacinta was a great partner to work with and I’ve the highest regard for her capabilities and attitude.

Leanne Layfield

Let’s Connect

"Delivered on every single item as promised"

As the major drawcard of our Ladies Day 2020 at Rainbow Beach, the fashion parade had to deliver.

We had a lot of sceptics and the last fashion parade held in the region was probably held in the 1980’s.

I knew of Jacinta’s work and never expected someone of her calibre and reputation would even consider running a parade for us, however, if we were going to do it, we had to do it well.

Right from the start, I knew the parade was her mission and I needed to do nothing except provide her needs and she would take charge. 

Holding the model search was first and gave us an indication of the interest in the event and created awareness with our public so we could start the publicity two months prior to the event in earnest.

It also showed our community this was going to be an event worth attending and as they were searching for local talent too, the word spread around the region. 

Because Jacinta also brought with her a contact who was an International Model Manager, it increased the interest and one of the locals actually did receive an international modelling contract – a young man – so they were credible, professional and competent in the process. 

Jacinta was very clear with what she needed and very thorough with her communication. I knew she had her side under control and we just needed to ensure we honoured our part.

She needed hair and make up for 18 models and it was non-negotiable. She had an expert overseeing the team, so we just had to provide enough skilled hair and makeup professionals to cater to her models. 

She also asked for anything that might have been important depending on the weather – so a cool, preferably air-conditioned room for the models and team to prepare in plus fans for the backstage and water for her models. 

The timetable was prepared and updated with military precision which it has to be when you are coordinating with so many different individuals – the designers, the models, the organisers, the MC, DJ and the head dresser and hair and makeup coordinators. 

The range of designers Jacinta chose was perfect. Opening with such a stunning designer as Czarina sat the audience on their knees and after that, they were in the palm of her hand.

The parade was professional, organised, fun, exotic, exciting and so very well done that it was without doubt, the highlight we promised our guests. 

Jacinta delivered on every single item as promised. She arrived a day early, had asked for accommodation for her models and made sure they were at rehearsal at 7am ready to go with the accessories they needed and when they hit the runway – they were perfect. 

It was unhurried, perfectly timed, with the music chosen to perfectly compliment the range and the order of the show. 

We will hold this event next year and the first person I will lock in is Jacinta Richmond. She is an absolute professional to work with and I am confident, she will go to whatever lengths are necessary, to produce a show above and beyond the hopes of the organiser. 

It was a fantastic success and I would absolutely and highly recommend this lady, Jacinta Richmond for any event you may wish to hold. She will be the jewel in the crown of your event.

Lee McCarthy

Women’s HQ

"Supported women of different ages and body shapes"

Jacinta very much supported women of different ages and body shapes. Her show did not comprise of the traditional catwalk models which was so refreshing as a parent and a woman. She taught her audience that women are beautiful no matter their body shape or look.

Linda Schmidt

Mature-age model

"Provided inspiration every single day"

Jacinta was an amazing manager and mentor during my time with the Sunshine Coast Fashion Festival. She was passionate, dedicated and provided inspiration every single day. Despite her busy lifestyle as an Event Director and Fashion Consultant she was always willing to provide the support and guidance I needed. She has been a huge influence in my growth and development, passion for work and strong work ethic.

Maddison Jones

Junior Practice Manager - DB Results

"A way of bringing out the best in people"

Jacinta has the ability to see things in people that they are unaware of. She has a way of bringing out the best in people, and encourages without bias.

Melisa Andreatta

Entertainment Industry Promoter

"Formidable fashionista"

So, in she came, formidable fashionista, style queen sister, white magic woman, straight shooter, wardrobe warrior…within a few minutes my fears had vanished and fun and new energy was flowing.

Natalie Ing


"A great business woman to learn from"

It is my pleasure to offer an unreserved testimonial for Jacinta Richmond.

I have known Jacinta since 2013 when I commenced as an intern with the Sunshine Coast Fashion Festival. I requested the opportunity to continue to work with Jacinta and her team and from 2014- 2018 I was offered the opportunity to take on various roles within the event and business to continue to develop my skills. Jacinta has always been a strong supporter of career development and providing opportunities for students and staff to grow.

Jacinta was always encouraging of a collaborative and creative team. I always felt empowered to make decisions and felt there was a mutual trust and respect between us no matter what position I was in. She was also a great businesswoman to learn from.

I thoroughly look forward to the day we can work together again, and should you require any further information, I would be happy to oblige.

Natasha Bury

Event Manager

"She believed in me, challenged me, made me lift"

Starting a fashion line can be daunting, and this is where I met Jacinta Richmond for the first time.
She believed in me, challenged me, made me lift, put me in contact with people that would help and give me the answers I needed.

Jacinta’s mentorship has been helpful to many designers, me included. She ‘knows her stuff’ – Recently when she suggested I go to a VIP launch to check out a range, she said – ‘Look at the hems, they’re hit and miss. Check the cuts – these items work, these don’t.’ This caused me to look harder, with a more discerning eye, giving me invaluable insights into the industry.

Being mindful of everyone wanting a piece of Jacinta at International Fashion Week on the Sunshine Coast, I would get my list together and she would patiently and thoroughly answer my questions, often giving loads of additional information that I would need, yet hadn’t thought about.

With expertise across all areas of fashion – design, fabrics, events, model selection and management, marketing, social media and more, Jacinta has certainly had a positive impact on my Digital Print product lines.

Robyn Hills

Designer - RobynGRAPHS

"Incredible to witness"

You would be hard pressed to find a more passionate, determined and creative thinker than Jacinta Richmond. I have worked on projects with Jacinta for more than 10 years and she always delivers an incredible product – an event that is polished and professional. She is organised, detailed and a creative problem-solver. Her ability to access industry contacts and draw people together is extraordinary. In fact, the way she curates a festival, embraces talent and enables people to collaborate on the event is incredible to witness. Many creatives have flourished under her tutelage. This leadership is her signature. If you require more information or wish to discuss this reference, please do not hesitate to contact me.

Rosanna Natoli

Journalist/News Presenter/University Lecturer

"An extraordinary woman"

I’ve had the pleasure of knowing Jacinta for many years now; as a fashion writer, director of a leading fashion festival, event co-ordinator, stylist, mentor and now friend. She is honest, true to her word, encouraging, impeccably organised, able to juggle the unthinkable all at once and professional through and through. At our time with Sunshine Coast Fashion Festival Jacinta had a presence no one could top; she was consistently successful in getting the best out of each person of the team. More recently – with respects to a personal fashion rut – she was the first and only person I turned to, as her ability to see a woman’s shape and understand what suited her whilst keeping in mind such woman’s sense of style, is like nothing I’ve personally witnessed before. With Jacinta’s help I was able to clear out items from my wardrobe that no longer served me, understand what pieces suited my shape and create a “personal style” (complete with an acronym), that has helped me with styling and buying ever since. An extraordinary woman – there’s no one else quite like Jacinta Richmond.

Shannon Guthrie

Former International Model and Retail Expert

"A dynamic, creative entrepreneur"

I met Jacinta Richmond through her work as Founder and Director of the Sunshine Coast International Fashion Festival, at which I was honoured to be a showcasing designer. Jacinta is a dynamic, creative entrepreneur, with a cosmopolitan vision or art, fashion and sustainability. She is incredibly delightful to work with, and a supportive and encouraging friend and mentor to many.

Sharka Bosakova

Designer - Sharka Bosakova

"Does what she says she will do"

My name is Stratos Pavlis. For the last 15 years I have been an Industrial Relations professional. I am writing this document in context of my previous career as a professional in the Melbourne music industry. I was active in that from 1984 – 2002. I started as a presenter on 3RRR (breakfasters, Some Velvet Morning) and continued on as a musician, DJ, promoter, and venue owner/manager (The 9th Ward Melbourne CBD – capacity 240).

I write today regarding Jacinta Richmond. I had the pleasure of working with her across several venues for around 5 years across the 1990’s. She was my manager when I was I was a DJ at Chasers in South Yarra (capacity 1600)  and has also hired me as a freelance DJ across several other venues such as the Down Under Rock Café in Carlton (capacity 400), the Marquee in South Melbourne (capacity 650), and the Palace in St Kilda (capacity 2000). 

Since moving on from the music industry 15 years ago, Jacinta has developed a long-lasting professional association in the fashion world with great success – and I can see why. It has been my experience that Jacinta is well organised, communicates exceptionally well, does what she says she will do, and is willing to listen to all ideas with the intention of utilising it where possible. She gave me clear direction regarding what she expected from me and was always pleasant and engaging. It is her nature to seek out and focus on the positive and creative. I learned a lot about people management from her would be happy to work with her again as her skills and talents are universal.

Stratos Pavlis

Industrial Relations & Music Industry Professional

"A major influencer in this industry"

I was scouted by IMG Models thanks to Jacinta … Jacinta is a major influencer in this industry and to this day she has always had my back. … She wanted to make sure that I was not working for the wrong people and that I was not being exploited. I basically grew up with Jacinta as my mentor. I owe her my career and my future with IMG Models.

Taylor Ridley

IMG Models

"Wow! That was the best session"

I have been working with Jacinta Richmond as my mentor, meeting on a weekly basis since February 2022. The last 5 months have propelled me forward to reach my objectives and I am now at a stage where I am selling dresses!

Investing in a mentor./coach with specialised knowledge and experience in the fashion industry offering advise, guidance, motivation and encouragement has helped me excel and saved me time and money!

Jacinta with her wealth of knowledge and experience has guided me with specific and actionable suggestions, develop strategies and solutions, set specific and measurabel goals, embrace new opportunities and challenges and develop a timeline which holds me accountable to achieve specific items that need actioning to help me achieve my goal of running a successful fashion brand. 

Engaging with a mentor will allow you to be smart with industry business, smart with a business plan, smart with money and smart with production.

At the end of a mentoring session with Jacinta I believe I finish with an excitable squeal and "WOW, that was the best session! I got so much of that!"

Abigail Wilkins

Abigail Jane Designs

Jacinta Richmond

Master Hypnotherapist

Jacinta Richmond is passionate about potential, positive body appreciation and confiddence. A Master Hypnotherapist specialising in Confidence, Menopause & Past Life Regression.


Jacinta takes her cients into past lives, heals their trauma, removes blocks and supports them to achieve their best lives, whether in business or pleasure. 

With the development of the Madame Menopause downloadable audio programme, women are taking on a journey from struggling with mid life body image to a new found positive respect and appreciation.

As a sought after guest speaker, the Confidence Catalyst offers packages and online downloadable audio programmes.


The difference between Hypnosis & Hypnotherapy

In the simplest terms, hypnosis is a natural state that everyone enters into every day. When we are in hypnosis, we can more easily learn and take on new

When we hypnotize someone, we are essentially inviting them to put aside part of what they know to be true, so that they can consider new possibilities. They then get to choose whether or not to adopt those new possibilities. Hypnosis does this by working with the subconscious and bypassing the conscious mind.

However, Hypnosis is not something one person "does" to another.

Hypnosis is a state - like daydreaming: a form of relaxed concentration. First the body and second, the conscious part of the mind. In this altered state of relaxation and heightened suggestibility, a person is able to experience thoughts and images as though they were real without trauma.

Hypnotherapy is the use of hypnosis to enable the therapist to conduct therapy.

The real skill of the hypnotist lies in knowing how to guide someone into getting out of their own way so that they can do that.

What can Hypnotherapy help with?

There are many, many things that hypnotherapy can assist you with. Jacinta's focus is potential, personal growth, positive body appreciation and Confidence. Jacinta does this through offering the following:

Confidence Catalyst packages and programme

Madame Menopause programme

Past Life Regression

You can visit the online store for available downloadable programmes.

If you are unsure, please connect with me and we can discuss. Sometimes we need to delve a little deeper to find out what the real issue is and what the block is that we are working to remove.

Age Regression and Past Life Regression are specialised fields. 

Age Regression takes the client back in time within the current life to the time and place of trauma and can go as far back as time spent in the womb.The trauma is healed as part of this session. Age Regression can be an emotional experience and the therapist must be trained to handle this.On occassion, a follow up hypntherapy session may be required, but not usually.

Past Life Regression takes the client back to previous lives, & through the experience of significant episodes within that life. Jacinta explores the death scenes in these lives and takes this opportunity to heal the trauma within that life. As both a medium & an energy healer, she incorporates these modalities at the same time. Not all past life regression hypnotists are hypnotherapists and they do not explore the death scene nor incorporate therapeutic healing. On occassion, a follow up hypntherapy session may be required to work on additional or heavily lodged blocks, but not usually.


Past Life Regression:

"Everything just makes sense. My life choices. The people in my life."

S.R Nunawading

"I have no words - That was everything."

N.W Newmarket

"Curiosity got the better of me and as a result I experienced significant events in two past lives."

N.E Brisbane

"An incredible experience to better understand myself and why I am experiencing particular blockages in my current life. SO Cool."

S.G Kinglscliff

"My past life regression with Jacinta was a surreal experience & a very rewarding one. Her calming voice took me down a path I didn’t expect. I had no expectations, and it totally blew my mind."

P.W, Hendra

"An uber successful entrepreneur in her own right, I left my session with blocks removed & brilliant business guidance as well."

T.R Brisbane

"Jacinta has to be the most stylish hypnotherapist in the world! Bring in her life & business experience and you have the whole package."

M.A Brisbane

"She gets my vote for best past life regression therapist AND best dressed. I am taking her to networking events in the future as my plus 1."

M.F Brisbane

"I am blown away with this experience. I was very nervous as to where this would take me. My experience was beautiful and enlightening. A spects of my current life now make complete sense. Looking forward to another session to see what unfolds."

F.F Melbourne

"I feel you have to walk through the doors that are open to you in your life and this door just opened. So many more have opened because of what I discovered in my session with Jacinta. So here I am, opening doors and walking through."

J.R Bardon

"She’s the bomb. However she does it, she blows your mind!"

R.G Greenslopes

Weight Loss

"I have just completed Jacinta’s 4 session weight loss programme. I decided to go “all in.” I don’t own scales, but my clothes are looser, I make better food selections & I can see the physical changes in the mirror. I have a respect for my body I haven’t had in years." 

D.A Melbourne

"I am making better food choices without thinking about it. I feel lighter physically and mentally."

K.S Portsea


"I felt deeply relaxed throughout the session and afterwards felt an immediate shift in attitude. Have felt positive since the session. Jacinta also has a worldly wisdom that helps one make sense of things!"

S.G Kingscliff


"I had a hypnosis session with Jacinta recently and we worked on confidence. I can say that since then I have been so much more confident in every aspect of my life."

R.F Gold Coast

Self Acceptance

"She heard me and when I was hypnotised I hear her."

J.S Brisbane.

Emotional Cleanse

"The amount of care and love given during Jacinta’s hypnotherapy session was outstanding. She helped guide me and release so many of my blockages. She listened to my story and tailored  the hypno session to my needs. A very professional service indeed."

K.J Gold Coast

Anxiety & Emotional Cleanse

"I have had two sessions with Jacinta and after each session felt a calmness and sense of progression through the issues being addressed. Jacinta manages to find that “key” into your thought process that facilitates you through the healing/growth process."

M.M Coolum Beach


"I’m great. Really enjoyed the session with you. Been feeling quite relaxed since. C.M Noosa Heads

I don’t remember the last time I was this chill. Am I stoned?"

K.W Brisbane

Fear of Success

"Time with Jacinta – you can’t help but level up. #mentor #hypnotherapist"

R.S St Kilda

Fear of Failure / Fear of Success / Goal Achievement

J"acinta is psychologically astute. I am not longer in my own way."

B.R Gold Coast


"I feel very lucky to be the recipient of so much of Jacinta’s time & thoughtfulness. Our pre session chat & how she worked it into hypnotherapy was insightful & intelligent."

E.T Cleveland

Creative Abilities

"Jacinta’s lack of cynicism and irony, her depth of empathy are rare qualities & obvious in her work. She allowed me to willingly be vulnerable."

D.G Gold Coast

Love Attraction

"The 6 session program is amazing. Not only have I found a love & respect for myself but the new people I am attracting into my life treat me with love & respect."

A.W Melbourne

"I thought that was quite remarkable."

L.K Noosaville

Age Regression

"Wow! Wow! Wow! I didn’t even remember the event that impacted the rest of my life choices, until my session with Jacinta. Everything has changed."

N.S St Kilda


"From feeling blocked and the queen of procrastination to instantly feeling free to tackle tasks to completion was amazing. I did not expect such results and so quickly."

F.F Strathmore


"Great! Had a crazy dream about spiders and felt calm."

S.B Doonan

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