Fashion Mentor

Do you want to accelerate your career in the Australian fashion industry? Fashion mentor Jacinta Richmond can help you reach your goals fast.

With her mix of diverse industry knowledge, creative flair and impressive business acumen, choosing Jacinta as your mentor will be a wise investment to  help your fashion business flourish.

With her diagnostic approach to business, Jacinta can find and help you break any blockages to success, giving you the confidence to thrive. Her no-nonsense approach will give you honest, genuine and actionable advice that will help your business grow.

We all want to succeed—and in a competitive industry like fashion, it’s understandable to feel daunted. 

Afraid of not making it big.
Of not realising your potential.
Of failure, and of not getting the recognition you deserve.

 Jacinta pays attention to the small details that make a difference, and can help you navigate the elusive world of fashion. Whether you need help making more sales, getting seen, or practical advice on running a creative business, Jacinta can help you scale into success.