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Need guidance on your fashion career or business?
Looking for a fashion speaker for your next event?
Want to hold an event that will have guests raving for years to come?

With top-level experience across fashion, events, tourism, hospitality and writing, fashion consultant Jacinta Richmond is here to help. Jacinta will see your potential, and help you achieve your goals—no excuses or fluff: just honesty, action, and extraordinary results.

Fashion Services

With over 30 years’ industry experience, Jacinta knows the fashion world, and understands the importance of supporting and championing the Australian fashion industry. Using her direct approach and scrupulous attention to detail, she will diagnose what your fashion business needs to make it into the big league.

Fashion Speaker

Memorable, hilarious and no-nonsense all at once, Jacinta is an in-demand speaker at leading fashion events. In her delightfully blunt, yet powerfully positive manner, Jacinta delivers stirring motivational speeches, lectures and workshops for a wide range of fashion events.

Fashion Mentor

Creative flair and hard work aren't enough to get attention in the fickle world of fashion. Work with a fashion industry mentor who challenges you to truly show up and share your incredible talent. Let's fast track your arrival at the upper echelon of Australian and international fashion circles.

Fashion Events Consultant

A flawless event needs meticulous preparation, strategic delivery and creative know-how. With decades of experience as a fashion director and stylist, Jacinta offers a meticulous eye for detail, and an extremely high standard of delivery to exceed your expectations and impress your guests.

“I trust my eye, and go the extra mile. I don’t listen to what others in the industry think. While they miss the details, and the potential of someone, my eye captures all.”

Jacinta Richmond

Fashion Industry Mentor